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Who is Red Team?

"In a sea of gimmicks, infomercials and shortcuts we are the last defense for fitness and vigor. There is no fancy machine or flashing treadmill beyond the machines that we ourselves embody. There are no shiny mirrors or large egos or generic cues and lines. Instead we are ready to crush and surpass the goals we ourselves set. We ignore the catchy radio ads and clichés and we are certainly not victims of the hype. Instead we are trialed and tested. The path we take is paved with sweat, fatigue and pain. After all there is no shortcuts to anywhere worth going. There is no other team. We are Red Team.

Why RED? RED stands for Re-Educating & Development. In an a sub-standard industry we stand for a lifestyle that is realistic, achievable and FUN!

Red Team works hard and plays harder - Let's RE-SHAPE our world! (Pun intended)

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