Spartan Race Challenge #2

Building Your “core”: Increasing lower trunk strength and stability to ease your way through the body weight obstacles during the race.

Key Muscles:

  • Forearms
  • Obliques
  • Abs
  • Hip Flexors

Key Tips:

  • Start heavy and work lighter
  • Start low reps and move to high reps
  • Rotational exercises are more important than flexion exercises

Here are 4 exercises to create a rock solid “core”:

  • Top Right – Farmers Walk (Heavy – slight side-to-side movement)
  • Top Left – Tyre Swing (Light weight - rotate through the hips as fast as possible, arms are locked)
  • Bottom Left – Hanging Leg Raises (Body weight – control)
  • Bottom Right – Body Weight Roll Out (Lock the abs in and round the back so the hips don’t drop)